Chapter 1 General Principles

  1. The game serviced by Nostellar Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is operated based on the following operating policies.
  2. The operational policy supplements the terms and conditions, and stipulates the standards of the service provided by the company, the details that members should follow while using the service, and the sanctions standards for violations of the policy.
  3. Matters not specified in the operating policy may be coordinated through the terms and conditions, the purpose of this operating policy, general social norms and sentiments, and related laws.
  4. Companies can change operational policies from time to time to better serve.
  5. If you change the operation policy, you will be informed at least 7 days in advance, and no additional help is available for damages and disadvantages caused by not being aware of the information provided in advance.

Chapter 2 Role of Operators (GM)

  1. The operator (Game Master hereinafter referred to as “GM”) plays a role for members to use the game smoothly.
  2. Operators will do their best to prevent violations of the terms and conditions of use and operating policies, and to provide smooth game services.
  3. Operators do not intervene in disputes between members from a neutral standpoint.However, if it is deemed difficult to operate the service normally or violate the terms and conditions and operating policies in a dispute between members, necessary measures may be taken after reviewing it from a neutral standpoint.
  4. The operator handles the personal information of members safely in accordance with the laws and regulations and the privacy policy.The company does not request or disclose members’ personal information except as stipulated in the terms and conditions and privacy policy.However, if there is a formal request for cooperation from a judicial institution, it can be provided to the relevant institution.
  5. The operator receives bugs that may cause inconvenience to the members of the game, and is obligated to identify and correct them.
  6. Operators may give limited answers or may not give answers to content that cannot be disclosed due to the nature of the game, such as game updates and development directions.
  7. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the game (such as a bug), the operator can determine the severity of the problem and remove the content or stop the progress.If content is removed or suspended, the operator will promptly guide you through game announcements and do its best to prevent possible damage to members.

Chapter 3 Recovery Policies

  1. Members are required to manage their own accounts, and members are primarily responsible for the management of their accounts.It is difficult to provide assistance for problems caused by negligence and carelessness of the members themselves.
  2. Members have the right to use the various content and services provided by the game.However, content and services that are not technically supported on certain platforms may not be available.
  3. In principle, a game account shall be one account per member, and you cannot apply for restoration in case of disadvantages arising from account transactions or account sharing.
  4. Game usage information (loss or change of goods acquired by members in the process of using game services) caused by reasons attributable to the company or technical errors in game services can be recovered to the extent that objective data and information can be verified.
  5. Members who wish to restore due to the above reasons must apply for recovery through the customer center at within 7 days from the date of loss of game usage information and change.
  6. The application for restoration must be filed directly by the account holder who has lost the game usage information and changed it, and a third party’s proxy is not allowed.
  7. If necessary for operation and technology, the company can modify and change the contents of the game service through patches or updates, and recovery is restricted from modifying, changing, or deleting member game usage information.Therefore, the Member cannot make a separate claim for damages in connection with such a company’s actions.
  8. Loss or change of game usage information under each of the following subparagraphs is not subject to recovery or compensation for damages.
  1. In the case where objective data based on the data of game users cannot be secured.In the case of damage caused by a commonly called lag phenomenon (delay phenomenon in the game) and a line failure, recovery is impossible as it is difficult to prove clear contents through log data.
  2. In the case of loss of goods/items/experiences, etc. due to intention or negligence of game users;
  3. Where damage has occurred due to failure to be aware of the information provided through the operation policy, notice in the game, etc.
  4. In the case of damage caused by the normal use of game services by members, such as item sales, synthesis, and dismantling;
  5. If the game is deleted, device changes, or device initialization without data being stored on the server.
  6. In the case of damage caused by problems between members without intervention by the company, such as fraud in the game.However, in order to prevent further damage, after checking the data, the perpetrator’s account may restrict the use of the service according to the operation policy.
  7. In the case where damage such as theft occurs due to insufficient management of the member’s account;
  8. If you delete game accounts such as Google Play/One Store/App Store
  9. If you permanently delete game data such as Google Play/One Store/App Store

Chapter 4 Sanctions Policy

  1. In order to create a sound game use culture, the operator respects the autonomous game use culture of its members and does not engage in unnecessary involvement.However, the following actions can be taken without prior guidance and notification for non-compliance with operating policies for maintaining order and smooth game operation.
    1. Account restrictions – game service restrictions
    2. Chat restrictions – game chat service restrictions
    3. Item adjustment and collection – delete character information/items/paid goods, etc. related to breach of terms and conditions, or change quantity/property
  2. If the company imposes sanctions, profits (items, experiences, etc.) related to violations of the terms and conditions can be collected or adjusted, and game usage information can be initialized for violations of the terms and conditions that are difficult to calculate, such as bug abuse and illegal program use.
  3. If another member acquires an item acquired by violating the terms and conditions without knowing the circumstances, or if he acquires it free of charge without knowing the circumstances, the company may retrieve the related item without the consent of the member.
  4. If data in the game is arbitrarily changed due to illegal, cheat programs, and illegal app use, the account will be permanently restricted and legal action may take place.Members are responsible for the consequences of using a program that is not officially provided by the Company.
  5. There is a risk of game data loss when resetting Google ads, and if you change it arbitrarily, you cannot help it.
  6. Refunds through refund agencies and Google may be subject to criminal and civil lawsuits depending on the severity of the amount.Please be careful not to proceed with the voluntary refund.
  7. Refunds can be collected and refunded only for items not received by mail 7 days after purchase after checking the data.
  8. The Apple App Store’s policy determines whether to proceed with the refund of the payment products, and the game company does not have the right to directly cancel (refund) the purchase products.The game company notifies you to get a refund to the Apple App Store after collecting the items that have not been received in the mailbox, and if the refund is rejected due to Apple policy, please send the corresponding reply by e-mail to help you with the product re-payment.
  9. Your account details must be secured and must not be shared with other members.
  10. Even if a reason for sanctions occurs according to the sanctions policy, it may not be sanctioned or weaker in consideration of the specific situation at the time of the violation of the terms and conditions and the impact on game services.
  11. Members must notify the company of bugs and system errors found during game use.If you spread it or abuse it to others without notifying the company, you may be disadvantaged by the operation policy because it has harmed other members and game companies who are playing normally.
  12. Even if it is not stated in the sanctions policy, sanctions may be applied to acts that violate the terms and conditions and related laws.
  13. If the contract is terminated or suspended pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the user cannot use the downloaded content and return the pre-paid content purchase price, data call fee, monthly service fee, and paid items.